Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back up and Restore VMware server to Azure

Back up and Restore  VMware server to Azure.

Hi Guys now that i have Fixed my Vmware Infra lets  finish the long pending testing backup and restore Vms running on Vmware. to start  we need to Creat a Secure Connection to the vCenter Servers i am not goin to spend lot of time on tis please refer the Microsoft link below that talk deep about setting this up.

Since this is a test setup i am going to use the root acount  Of the Vmware Infra  but in a production infra follow the below link to Creating a Roles

Ok now let Connect the vCenter to Azure Backup Server.

Open the  Azure Backup Server console, navigete to Management, Production Servers, and on the tool ribbon, click Manage VMware.

This will bring Mange Crendentials window in the mange crendentials window, click Add to open the Add Credential 

If your vCenter  in not on the same Domain add the Credintial of the ABS Server aswel and click the X to close the window.

Since we are doing the testing with out a certificate  Server  we have to Disable secure Communication.

Copy below script  to a notepad and save as  name .reg file  and run it on the Azure Backup Server. 

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\VMWare] "IgnoreCertificateValidation"=dword:00000001

Now lets add Vcenter Server ABS.

Navigete to ManagementProduction Servers, and on the tool ribbon, click Add.

This will bring up The Production Server Addition Wizard select Vmware and hit next

on the Select Server key in the IP  and the Passwords then add  the server and hit next.

review the Summary and click add

Wow we have added the vCenter Server succesfuly.

Now that we have added the Vcenter Server  letz creat a protection group.

Open the  Console Navigate Protection and click new

This will open the Create new Protection Group click next on the welcome page.

On the Group type Select Server and next.

On the Group Members expnad theVcenter server and select the Vm you eed to backup .

On the Protection method  give a group name, i am only going to do disk base protection.

Select the  retention  range  and the Expressfull backup schedule.

I am going with the default  on the replication method.

Select run a consistency Check if a replica became Inconsitent.

Review the Summary page and click create group.

Close when the task is finished scccesfully .

Guys  i faced a issue when cearting a Protection Group Refer this link :

Now that we  have succesfuly created and backup the VMware VM will test the fail over.

Now that i have reovery Points to restore, i will stop the IIS server and delete the VM from Vcenter

IIS server is deleted.

On the Azure backup server open the console on the Protection  select the recovery point in the calander view and select restore

Select Next  on the Review

Specify Recovery Option  page leave the default .

On the Recovery type page recover to the Orignal location in my case if you want to restore it to an new host you can go with the option  recover as VM on any host.

On the Summary page  review  and start Reover.

Status when Succesfull close

Review the Restored VM on vcenter start the VM.

we are done .

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